Mark Chats with Leading Tax & Wealth Expert Tom Wheelwright

May 14

tom wheelwright podcast

In this episode, Mark chats with Tom Wheelwright – CPA, CEO of Pro Vision Wealth, leading tax & wealth expert, published author of the best-selling book Tax Free Wealth“, Rich Dad Advisor, speaker.  Tom was hand picked by Donald Trump to contribute to his Wealth Builders Program.

Tom is a tax expert with more than 35 years of experience and he’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs and investors understand how to put money back in their pockets.  Through his tax expertise, Tom realized that taxes aren’t in place to punish investors and entrepreneurs, they actually offer incentives.  It’s an understanding of those incentives that can dramatically reduce your taxes so you can keep more of your money.

Listen to the full episode to gain insight into Tom’s expansive knowledge.  This is an episiode you don’t want to miss.

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