Mark Chats with Mitch Stephen of

May 20


In this episode, Mark chats with Mitch Stephen of  Mitch is a self-taught real estate entrepreneur and has been self-employed since 1996.  In that time, he’s purchased over 1000 houses!  Mitch is the author of the highly successful book,My Life & 1,000 Houses: Failing Forward to Financial Freedom” and the soon to be released book, “My Life & 1,000 Houses – 200 + Ways to Find Bargain Properties”.  

Mitch specializes in owner financing to individuals left behind by traditional lending institutions and is passionate about giving new life to properties that scar the neighborhood.  His success is inspiring and he offers great tips you can use to get started.  According to Mitch, “It all starts with a deal” and he’s here to simplify the process of getting your real estate business off the ground.

Mitch generously offers his new book absolutely FREE to Best Passive Income Model listeners for a very limited time.  See the details in the Tips of the Week below.

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Tip of The Week:

  • Mitch: Get a FREE download of his new book, “My Life & 1,000 Houses – 200 + Ways to Find Bargain Properties“.  This is a MUST READ and Mitch is generously offering it to my listeners for FREE.  Simply go here to download the Kindle version of the book absolutely free.  But hurry, this offer expires May 25, 2015.  

    Bonus Tip: If it’s the only thing you do this year, find someone and learn how to solve the problem of private money.

  • Mark: Learn more about Mitch at and don’t forget to get the Kindle version of his book FREE here.

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