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Why Invest In Raw Land?

No Tenants

No Termites

No Toilets

You’ve probably heard the same horror stories about owning rental properties and flipping houses that everyone talks about…

  • Tenants, Termites and Toilets....
  • Renters, Rodents and Renovations....
  • Mold, Asbestos, Dry Rot, Structural Damage....
  • Physical Labor, Managing Contractors, Building Codes and Inspections....

Dealing with all of these potential profit killers is the landlord's or the house-flipper's burden.

Managing all of these risks and responsibilities robs them of time they could spend on their most important work - the entrepreneurial work.

The entrepreneurial work is stuff like researching markets, finding and evaluating properties, coordinating loans or private investment funds.... 

...and figuring out an effective marketing and sales process so they can get some decent tenants (hopefully) or sell the property for a good ROI (hopefully) after their complex and risky project is finally complete.


That's a Lot of Stress to deal with...

...and a Long Time to have to deal with it.

Luckily, Land Investing Is Different...

...and smart, you are, for stopping by to find out why.

Meet the "Yoda" of Land Investing

Answer Your Questions and Guide You, He Will.

Mark Podolsky

A.K.A.  The Land Geek

Welcome!   Make Yourself At Home In Your Online Headquarters For GEEKY Land Investing Knowledge + Entrepreneurial Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts For Running Your Business Efficiently.

I'm Mark Podolsky (a.k.a. The Land Geek), and I've been buying and selling raw land full time since 2001.

I've completed over 5,000 land deals and my company, Frontier Equity Properties, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

My passions for investing in land, for creating wealth efficiently, and for helping other people develop their "inner geeky entrepreneur" has lead me to do two things I never expected to do in life.

The first - is to have become a very avid and consistent podcast creator. In fact, you might be here right now because you discovered one of my podcasts first. If not, you might want to join in on all of the FREE and FUN geeky tips, tricks, shortcuts and wisdom we share with all of the great fans.

The second - is to have become a teacher, coach and mentor to a growing community of people who are truly wonderful. To be surrounded by smart people of quality character who are driven to succeed is incredible, and I feel humbled and honored to be their guide.

So, my best guess is that you are here visiting right now because you're looking for information about land investing.

Well, I hope I can give you more than just information. I hope I can give you guidance as well. I believe there is a difference between the two.

If you're anything like me, your time is scarce and efficiency is extremely important. So my goal is to give you everything you need to decide if land investing is a good fit for you as efficiently as I can.

So Let's Get To It!

  • First - Scroll down and take in the key points on this page. It's like a highlight reel for land investing, so it will only take a minute.
  • Second - Get your Passive Income Blueprint and get on my private email list so we can stay in sync. The info and guidance I have for you is easiest to take in that way. There will be a convenient button waiting for you at the end of this page.
  • Third - Commit to this - read the emails I send you for one full week. I promise you'll get all of the guidance I can give you to help you reach a decision. If you're still unsure at that point, I'll send you a link to schedule a call and we'll figure it out together.

To Engineering Your Success,

How Can Investing In Land Make A Difference For You?

Land Is Simple

  • Everything from due diligence to buying and selling can be done remotely.
  • A computer, internet connection and cell phone are all you need to run your business.

Low Risk

  • Land has fewer restrictions and codes than houses or buildings, and no work is needed to make it ready to sell.
  • No one can steal it, and there is very little competition.
  • Plus, no banks are involved, so reckless lending can't cause a false value bubble.

High Return

  • Land is a very stable and abundant asset, but there is a finite supply that can never increase.
  • Moving undervalued, underappreciated land into the hands of people who care about it and want a stable investment is a win/win deal that can bring you incredible returns.

Short-Term Cash Gains

  • The simplicity of land makes it easy to flip quickly.
  • Investors can sell in as little as a few days after buying.
  • And savvy investors consistently make 300% or more on these short term deals.

Long-Term Passive Income

  • Selling land on owner financing terms can bring you monthly payments for 5 to 15 years on a single property.
  • The time value of money can boost your ROI to over 1,000%.
  • Building a portfolio of these deals can put your income on autopilot.

How Can We Make A Difference For You?

We (the Land Geek Team) have a vision of delivering value to you that goes far beyond a single transaction.

Instead of only helping you set your course at the beginning of your wealth creation journey, we want to see you reach your destination and continue to thrive long after you're there.

To accomplish this, we realized that we have to be on a mission that encompasses a lot more than just teaching our students how to buy and sell land.

Our mission is to help good people create, grow and protect wealth.


  • Quality assets combined with smart business models are the key ingredients to creating wealth.
  • Land is the best wealth vehicle we've found so far, but there are others out there.
  • We'll find them and put them to the test.
  • When something new makes the cut, we'll teach you how to use it.


  • Once you have a vehicle that works, you still have to drive it to your destination.
  • Instead of just handing you the keys, we teach you how to navigate and grow your business
  • We do this by teaching you effective marketing and sales processes that build you a list of loyal customers.
  • We study and test marketing processes fanatically and pass what works on to you.


  • We don't provide advice on legal, accounting or insurance matters but we understand how critical it is to have your ducks in a row.
  • Instead we seek out strategic partnerships with professionals who have in depth experience with the business models we teach.
  • This gives us the ability to refer you with confidence to the people who already know exactly what you need.

How Do You Know If The "Geeky" Way Is The Right Way For You?

Efficiency is the essence of entrepreneurship, and it's at the heart of everything we teach our students.

“The entrepreneur shifts economic resources out of an area of lower and into an area of higher productivity and greater yield.”

--Jean-Baptiste Say, Treatise on Political Economy, 1800

We can help you invest in real estate like an entrepreneur.

The Land Geek Core Philosophy


  • Repetitive tasks can be organized and combined into larger processes.
  • Processes can work together to form systems that achieve specific objectives.
  • When you systematize processes, you improve consistency and reliability, and your objectives are achieved much more efficiently


  • Systems can be continuously improved over time to eliminate even more inefficiencies.
  • Geeky tech tools can be used to automate a great number of time consuming activities and effectively eliminate them
  • Each time you eliminate the need to input your effort, you remove bottlenecks and become even more efficient.


  • Tasks and processes that can't be eliminated or automated can be delegated inexpensively.
  • Tasks or processes that don't directly relate to growing your business must be aggressively delegated, otherwise your time is spent working "in the business."
  • When the routine work is off of your plate, your time is spent working "on the business."

Working ON your land business instead of IN it, is investing in real estate like an entrepreneur.

How Can You Efficiently Decide If You Want The Land Geek To Be Your Guide?

If you can relate to the The Geeky Way, then you understand that a business is very similar to a machine... 

...and that building an efficient business is the way you can quite literally Engineer Your Success.

It Begins With A Blueprint