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Land Investorling!

Welcome, Land Investorling! I’m Mark Podolsky (a.k.a. The Land Geek), and I’ve been buying
and selling raw land full time since 2001.

I’ve completed over 5,500 land deals and my company, Frontier Equity Properties, has an A+
rating with the Better Business Bureau. I am also the author of Dirt Rich, the ultimate guide to
helping you build a passive income model in raw land investing.

My passion for investing in land, for creating wealth efficiently, and for helping other people
develop their inner geeky entrepreneur has lead me to do two things I never expected to do in

The first – I host a podcast. In fact, you might be here right now because you discovered one of
my podcasts first. If not, you might want to join in on all of the FREE and FUN geeky tips, tricks,
shortcuts, and wisdom we share with all of the great fans.

The second – is that I love being a teacher, coach, and mentor to a growing community of
people who are truly wonderful. To be surrounded by smart people
of quality character who are driven to succeed is incredible, and I feel humbled
and honored to be their guide.

I’m glad you’re here… want to know why raw land is the best passive income?
Scroll down to see!

Mark Podolsky

Learn How

To Dominate Your Market & Double Your Land Investing Income This Year

What Others Are



Hey Tate, hope things are going great with you, I wanted to touch base with you because I just reached a pretty amazing landmark in my business.

Roberto Chavez

I would highly recommend Mark
“The Land Geek’s” training program over
any other I have found.

Tory Burningham

I’m just about to finish my first calendar year in the land business, and I was looking at how many properties I’d bought and sold.

Nick Bond


Why Land Investing Is Different…

Low Risk

  • Land has fewer restrictions and codes than houses or buildings.
  • No one can steal it, and there is very little competition.
  • Plus, no banks are involved, so reckless lending can’t cause a false value bubble


  • Everything from due diligence to buying and selling can be done remotely.
  • A computer, internet connection and cell phone are all you need to run your business.

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