Build Passive Income

in Real-Time — Working with
Our Most Successful Land
Investment Experts

You know land investing is a proven business
model that gives you the freedom to work…

  • WHEN you want
  • WHERE you want and
  • with WHOMEVER you want.


You see the potential land investing offers and you understand the value of building — and growing — a passive residual income stream.

You nailed it. Land investing is an incredibly flexible business model. It’s scalable, so it works if you’re interested in side income, replacing (and/or exceeding) your current salary, or planning your retirement.

Maybe you haven’t gotten as far as you’d hoped, as fast as you wanted with the Investor’s Toolkit.

Or, you’ve taken it all in, but you’re hesitant to pull the trigger.

Could be things are moving too slowly for you.

Even if you’ve been through the entire program — understanding the system is very different from taking action.

Here’s what happens for a lot of our students.

You work through Investor’s Toolkit and understand the theory — it’s pretty straightforward stuff. You see the practical steps to take, but aren’t sure how or where to start.

You have some questions — maybe some concerns you’d like to bounce around with someone who has in-the-field experience.

Working in isolation, fear and doubt can be your unwelcome companions….

Flight School destroys the obstacles
so you gain forward momentum — every single week

You can build a lucrative land business on the side.

And..Momentum makes a huge difference to your progress.

But, when you don’t have the luxury to work consistently, you take a learning curve every time you sit down. You have to refresh your memory, catch up and keep plugging away.

It’s frustrating. It’s easy to think something’s wrong if you haven’t made more forward progress on your own.

Thing is, going it alone is do-able, but it isn’t easy. And, it can be time intensive at first. Especially if you don’t have the automations and assistance that saves time and makes it more manageable.

Over 16 weeks of Flight School, we meet every week, walk through the next step and the next one after that. You’ll make deals, we’ll work with you, and you’ll be learning while you’re building — and growing — your passive income.

You won’t have the idea of a business, you’ll have a business. You’ll have coaches on speed dial, and all the support you need to make. this. thing. Work.

And listen, if you haven’t put everything you’ve learned into play yet, it’s not you…

The land business has a LOT of moving parts.

All of the pieces are there — but you don’t have a picture of what the puzzle’s supposed to look like when it all comes together.

It’s a lot to deal with – a lot of moving pieces – especially when you’re building your land investing business on the side, while working full-time.

You need a shortcut. And direction. And reassurance you’re taking right next steps. That you’re focusing on the right things and not wasting time on the wrong ones.

Flight School helps you cut to the chase. You learn while doing with professional help from instructors who have been exactly where you are today. Your head coach, Scott Todd, built over $50K/month in passive residual in 4 years. Tate Litchfield replaced his professional income in 1 year and never looked back.

If you want to realize your goals more quickly, get cleared for take-off by enrolling in Flight School. We’ll work with you, week-by-week, step-by-step, to build a solid, profitable land investing business.

Ready to Earn Passive Residual?
Want to Know More?


Flight School is a LIVE 16-week online program for
land investors, who are ready to
get. it. done. now.

If you’re ready to build your land business – no excuses –
just roll up your sleeves and work with
the pros, Flight School is for you.

You’ve seen the phenomenal financial potential of land investing. Now, you’re ready to use your business time to start making some deals — without spending years learning the in’s and out’s, and leaking money along the way.

You’ll get step-by-step guidance from master instructors who will work with you every week to lay a solid foundation, answer your questions and move you closer to your goals. Instructors who’ve been in your shoes. Coaches who’ve made money from “scratch” following the same plan they’ll help you implement.

DIY is a brilliant option — it’s why we offer the Investor’s Toolkit.

However, we’ve seen some students get frustrated going it alone. The learning curve can be steep and time consuming. Business is more enjoyable overall when you get quicker traction.

We’ve seen too many land investors quit before they even get close to their turning point because they lose patience trying to piece together a functional business from courses, podcasts, and webinars.

It makes good sense to get your feet wet with entry-level training. You get the big-picture sense of what’s involved and know for certain if it’s a good fit for you.

Going it alone can be done. Our Investor’s Toolkit students who have the time and wherewithal do just fine.

Yet…most of our students are working other jobs, have other commitments and tight schedules. It’s not easy to find the time to build a business.

Flight School streamlines the process for you, so you spend less time and avoid beginner’s mistakes. You’ll get access to tools that automate some of the time-consuming processes.

For example, a mailing that would normally take 3 hours to complete can be automated to complete in minutes! And, that’s only one automation we share in Flight School.

Tools deliver a predictable system with simple, repeatable processes. And, hey, processes may not be sexy but they are geeky — and they flat-out work, which is how successful businesses keep on making and increasing profits. That’s exactly what we’ll show you how to do in Flight School.

Leave the uncertainty and worry about next steps behind you.

Each week we literally walk you through the next step, so week-upon-week, you lay the foundation for finding and completing land deals.

You’ll avoid that frustrating scenario of losing time — having to catch up each time you sit down to work on your business.

It’s the most productive way we’ve seen to accelerate your progress with confidence. In the early stages you tend to have a lot of doubts — it’s all new, and you’re naturally uncertain.

Now, you’ll have answers when you need them. You’ll know exactly what to do next — at every juncture.

When you’re accountable to a coach and have a team of colleagues supporting you, moving your business forward happens deliberately and on purpose. And, chances are good it will get you into profit way more quickly.


Scott Bradford

Flight School gave me the courage to do the thing, not just learn it. The weekly accountability led to a discipline that created a habit of doing every aspect of the business that needs to be done.

i went from wondering figuring out how to turn this into a business to now having the beginnings of a real business I can grow. I came into Flight School making no money, 8 weeks in I had $1K/month in passive income.”

Continuity and accountability, you don’t want to fall behind, so you start doing it, and now
you have a business.

Kelly Noel

I think Scott is a genius, inspiring but practical, what’s great about the class is we implement right away. I Love who I’ve met and there is so much support. I’m so Excited to take off with this education. However, you have to take action, but Flight School gets you focused & pushes you to succeed right away.

Flight School gave me the courage to actually start doing it instead of learning, you follow the recipe and it gives you the courage and confidence that you can really do it yourself. It’s very easy to learn, but hard to do without a mentor like Scott and Flight School.

How do you know if
Flight School is right for YOU?

  • You hit a passive income wall…and you’re ready to take a sledgehammer to that wall (or your business).
  • You spend more hours than you’d like working on your business…and you’re ready to take your hands off the wheel, but still get paid.
  • You feel like you’ve gone as far as you can the DIY route…and you’re ready to go all-in on building your dream life, starting with your dream business.
  • You want to skip the trial and error…and you’re ready to leapfrog right over the competition.
  • You’d like easy access to coaches who, with one quick answer, can often leapfrog days of work.
  • Essentially, you want to turn this into a real, profitable business with reliable passive income – ASAP.

The biggest qualifier for Flight School…

You’re ready for MORE…
we’re ready to help you get it

You’re determined to make land investing work for you. But the DIY route is not giving you the liftoff you were hoping for.

You see the end goal. You KNOW this works. But you’d sure appreciate some guidance to get this done right – and maybe a little more quickly!

Because, face it…

You’re not like most people. You want MORE.

You KNOW this business model works.

That’s no longer in question.

What you want to know…what makes you squirm in your desk chair..

  • Can you make it work long-term?
  • Can you hit your income goals, month after month, year after year?
  • Can you build a passive income machine that gives you the freedom to
    LIVE the life you want? (Because that’s what it’s all about.)

The answer is YES. Let me ask you…

Are you on the (painfully) slow and
steady track…or the massive, fast
progress track?

Look, you have options and it’s totally up to you…

You can keep chugging along at the DIY pace…eventually you’ll get there (you have to overcome self-doubt and the occasional uncertainty can kill your business — momentum is critical).

Or…you could catch the next nonstop flight out of slow and steady, and power into momentum.

It’s not exactly a shortcut — more like a jetpack, powered by the top land investors…

Flight School Is Rocket Fuel for Land
Investors Who Want to Build Reliable
Passive Income Quickly

Flight School is designed to give you the support and accountability you need to move your business forward every single week.

Sort of like choosing between a car with a high-tech-supercharged engine, designed by the best engineers in the world versus cobbling together a soapbox car in your garage.

One is gonna get you to your destination in a fraction of the time.

Flight School is your turbo boost. And you can complete the course and be well on the way to building your passive income portfolio within 16 weeks.


This Isn’t Just Another Course—
It’s a Proven Path to Build Passive
Residual Income in Land Investing

After working with many ambitious, motivated students and asking them why they chose Flight School, we heard over and over:

Going it alone works, but it’s too slow.

The longer you take, the more uncertain you become. You can second guess yourself right out of business.

Flight School accelerates your progress, so instead of thinking, plotting and planning, you’re earning, banking and building.

How Flight School Works

Step 1

Weekly Execution in REAL-TIME

Each week, we’ll walk you through what to focus on that week. You’ll be ready to build on your experience the following week.

Step 2

Learn from the best of the best – they’ve walked in your shoes.

You’ll work directly with Scott Todd, who hit $50K a month passive income by his 4-year anniversary of land investing, and our coaches, whom have been able to replace their incomes and full-time land investors.

Step 3

Group Collaboration

The power of connecting with people who are doing exactly what you are not only builds your confidence, it helps you move more quickly and get input on decisions, strategy and tactics. It’s impossible to describe the power – once you experience it, you’ll never go back.

Step 4


Working with experts who’ve built solid, successful land business themselves is the absolute best situation to find yourself in. They’ll share all “their best stuff” – – no holding back. Their knowledge and experience is invaluable, and you have “bat phone access.”


The sooner you get started,
the sooner you can have your new business up and running and start
generating profits, instead of dreaming about them!

Meet The Land Geek
Mark Podolsky

Mark Podolsky (a.k.a. The Land Geek) has been buying and selling raw land full-time since 2001.

He has completed over 5,500 land deals through his company, Frontier Equity Properties, which has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. He is also the author of Dirt Rich, How One Ambitiously Lazy Geek Created Passive Income in Real Estate Without Renters, Renovations, and Rehabs.

Mark is dedicated to helping others invest in land, create wealth efficiently, and develop their inner geeky entrepreneur.

He’s a teacher, coach, and mentor to a growing community of ambitious, successful land investors.

How Flight School Helps You
Build Your Profitable Land Business
Faster and More Predictably

Inside Flight School…


You’ll work directly with mentors who have built successful land investing businesses working the exact Land Geek strategies they’ll help you with

You’ll have the confidence to make decisions and move forward with confidence.

Click Here to read a recent TESTIMONIAL

NO more wasting time worrying and wondering if you’re doing it right. With experts advising your every move, you’ll gain significant traction.

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Weekly sessions guarantee consistent action – that’s how businesses get built – with application,
not just theory.


Your Business Will No Longer Be An Idea, Or Work In Progress. It’ll Become a Revenue Machine.

You can stop studying, planning and plotting and starting earning, banking and building..

Click Here to watch a  video TESTIMONIAL

Professional guidance to help you spot deals, make decisions and do it all correctly.

Click Here to watch a video TESTIMONIAL

Tools + automations streamline processes – the time savings alone is worth it (!)

Click Here to watch a video TESTIMONIAL


Join a Community of Ambitious, Focused Land Investors

Being surrounded with like-minded people not only provides support (which we all need), it expands your vision of what’s possible, and gives you insight you can’t get otherwise (no one talks details about their deals out there in the wild, believe me!)

Click Here to LISTEN to a recent TESTIMONIAL (this one is nutty)

You don’t have to sit on questions nagging at you. Experts are a text or email away. They’re responsive and committed to your success.

Click Here to read a recent TESTIMONIAL

Community enables you move more quickly. You can’t underestimate the power of connection, answers and input. We promise – you’ll never give

What do our students say about Flight School?

The Liftoff You Get in Flight School

We Built Flight School to Jump-Start
Business & Deliver Real Results

Learn from land investing master Scott Todd and Scott Bossman as they go DEEP in
detail on how to more easily execute well and get paid.

You’ll cover:

  • County research
  • Marketing and sales
  • Mailing strategies
  • Due diligence, land arbitration, and deed creation
  • List acquisition and list scrubbing
  • Management and hiring of VA’s and other support staff
  • Pricing and wholesaling strategies
  • Cashflow and accounting strategies
  • How to use LG PASS software to save 1000’s
    of hours of time
  • Get a no-holds-barred insider’s look at Scott’s business model which bring s in $50,000 a month PASSIVE income

Flight School gives you everything you need to launch
and build your successful land investing business.

This is a no-excuses zone!

You’ll work together with Scott and our other coaches to APPLY what you learn in Flight School. You’ll
execute in real-time DURING Flight School and between weekly modules, with the support and guidance
of our coaches and community. Ready to roll up your sleeves and start building your land investing future?

BASE Package

  • 4 months of intensive education with Scott Todd and other Land Geek Coaches including direct access to them by text message.
  • 11 video sessions with Scott Todd
  • 16 Weeks of Office Hours
  • Two 30 minute one on one coaching sessions
  • LG PASS – Free for 6 months — Land Geek Proprietary Automated Software System
  • 2 Free Tickets to Live Bootcamp and Unlimited Tickets to Virtual Bootcamp
  • The Investor’s Toolkit included!*

VIP Package

All of the above items PLUS:

  • You’ll have a call with Tate Litchfield. After some preliminary county research on your own, Tate will point you in the right direction and will assist you in acquiring 250 names for your first mailing list ! If you hit the right area (and this is likely), this could result in 2-4 land acquisitions/sales!
  • Lifetime access to the Mastermind call archives. You’ll learn from Mark and his one-on-one coaching students in over 200 recorded calls.
  • Voxer Support from a Land Geek Coach

LG Pass Saves Time, Makes Your
Work so Much Easier

With your free 6 months of access to LG Pass – the Land Geek
Proprietary Automated Software System… you’ll save HOURS of your
precious time, and a ton of stress and hassle.

  • Easily generates paperwork for buying.
  • Easily generates paperwork for selling for cash.
  • Easily generates paperwork for selling for terms.

With LG Pass you can…

  • Upload county lists and keep a database of all of your mailings.
  • Generate offer letters in a matter of minutes and either print on your own or send to a third-party mailing service.
  • Makes the Due Diligence process easy. Once you get an accepted offer, you, a virtual assistant (OR your teenager) can start the due diligence process by adding information to the platform about the property. Such as, owner info, property address and legal description, GPS coordinates, etc. You can also attach property images, copies of prior deeds to the properties, property descriptions.
  • Helps you easily create marketing information that can be copied and pasted to any marketing platform.

Flight School Success Stories
Can we make yours our next one?

“Bought for $3,600. Sold for $37,500.”

Mark Wilson

“It’s already worth the investment.”

Anne Marie Crisafi

From 1 deal to 14 in just 5 months.”

Brandon Crookshanks

“500% ROI on First Deal.”

Kevin Levy

Start Building Your New Business with
Flight School Today and Let’s Liftoff!

Included in Flight School:

BASE Package

  • 4 months of intensive education with Scott Todd and other Land Geek Coaches including direct access to them by text message.
  • 11 video sessions with Scott Todd
  • 16 Weeks of Office Hours
  • Two 30 minute one on one coaching sessions
  • LG PASS – Free for 6 months — Land Geek Proprietary Automated Software System
  • 2 Free Tickets to Live Bootcamp and Unlimited Tickets to Virtual Bootcamp
  • The Investor’s Toolkit included!*

VIP Package

All of the above items PLUS:

  • You’ll have a call with Tate Litchfield. After some preliminary county research on your own, Tate will point you in the right direction and will assist you in acquiring 250 names for your first mailing list ! If you hit the right area (and this is likely), this could result in 2-4 land acquisitions/sales!
  • Lifetime access to the Mastermind call archives. You’ll learn from Mark and his one-on-one coaching students in over 200 recorded calls.
  • Voxer Support from a Land Geek Coach

Still have questions? Book a free
decision-making call with one of our


For your security, we .
*All prices in USD

Skin In The Game Guarantee

You show up in Flight School.
Do the required work
and we guarantee you will make back
your tuition investment in
either cash and or terms deals in 180 days or less.
We promise to buy back any land that
you acquire using our pricing model
so you know you’ll never be “stuck”
with property you can’t sell.

(We’ll even buy any land you’ve purchased. No kidding.)

We know beyond a shadow of a doubt you can create a successful land business with Flight School.

We’ve done the heavy lifting of creating a turnkey course, and added the hands-on support and accountability of live instruction, plus tons of value-added bonuses. It works — it’s been tested and proven year after year. And we’re not afraid of putting our money where our mouth is…

So we challenge you to make it happen.

Go through the entire Flight School. Work through the steps. Come to the calls. Ask the tough questions. Implement and show us your progress each week. If after 6 months (180 days), you haven’t made your money back from your Flight School investment, we will refund you the price of the program!

That’s not all, we’ll even buy any land you’ve purchased so you’re not “stuck”with it.

All the details are inside Flight School with instructions for submitting your weekly progress.

Note from Mark Podolsky,
Founder of The Land Geek

I know what it’s like to make a big decision. When I first started land investing I told my wife “even if I can’t make this thing work, at least we’ll own a piece of land!”

The truth is — I was quaking in my boots. I was a full-time investment broker, miserable in my work and desperate for a solution.

You may be in that same place. What’s different is you have a proven system to follow. This works. I know doubt may be your biggest impediment. That’s why I created our rock-solid guarantee — so you have no excuse not to try Flight School.

If you’re serious about building a business, you need this, but you have to see for yourself. I get it.

Do your own due diligence, but know this: we’ve got your back. We’re real people working our own land businesses. You can achieve financial freedom with what you learn in Flight School. That’s our goal.

So get started building your land investing business now — risk-free. You have nothing to lose and a future of financial freedom to gain with the backing and support of a team who’s been there and done that – and I mean ALL of that — we’ll have your back.


How does Flight School work?
You choose either the Base Package or the VIP Package. You can’t go wrong either way, but VIP is going all-in to get your there even faster. Once you purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation email with your invitation to our private Mighty Networks group and all the details about what’s in store for the next 16 weeks --
How long do I have access?
Lifetime access including free updates.
Can I get a refund?
The Investors Toolkit has a 30 day no questions asked return policy plus our "skin in the game 180 day guarantee" Learn more here- Investors Toolkit Flight School has a crazy guarantee. Click HERE to view the details.
What sets this program apart from other training programs?
Great question: Here is a video I made with the answer-- What is the Land Geek Difference?
What is Land Geek Bootcamp?
We have our Land Geek Bootcamp 4 times per year. This is an intensive training program over 2.5 days. Just the networking alone makes this event worth your time. Learn more at Bootcamp
Are there other resources to help me on my journey?
Yes. We have our Free Facebook Wealth Creation & Motivation group along with a ton of other free resources. That's the best place to start and see all the free goodies: Motivation Group You can also join us the Land Geek community on Mighty Networks here: https://thelandgeek.mn.co/
How do I access Flight School, the Investor's Toolkit, and other courses?
To access your courses, please log into The Land Geek Training Library hosted via Mighty Networks here: https://thelandgeek.mn.co/ If you're having trouble logging in, you can use the RESET/FORGOT MY PASSWORD link.

A Message from Mark The Land Geek

The Best Investments Are The Ones You Make In Yourself

It’s not unusual for people to invest $50,000, $60,000…even $100,000 or more on a college degree…and then they
struggle to break through the $100,000 a year ceiling.

Some of them might be in the retirement home and still paying back those student loans.) I wish it was,
but this is no joke.

That’s a rotten return on investment.

Our economy has shifted massively since the days when a college
degree was a guarantee of a reliable future. While the long-term
financial value of a degree might not be so hot — you can start a
business that has the potential to make you financially independent
— for a fraction of the cost of a college degree.

Actually, it’s less than the cost of one mediocre course at most
schools…Which is kind of crazy. But not for people who are ready to
adapt to the economy of the future.

By simply copying the business model I’ve laid out, you can very
realistically create a nice 6-figure income for the rest of your life,
working just a few hours a day.

If you want to get aggressive with Land Investing, you can use my
secrets to make millions – how far you go is a decision you get to

If you’re fed up with trading dollars-for-hours, only to put most of
the profit in someone else’s already fat pockets…and you’re ready to
build much more wealth, and have the freedom of time and
location to enjoy that wealth…

Enroll in the Flight School today. It may just be the best financial
decision you ever make.

Mark Podolsky
(AKA “The Land Geek”)

P.S. don’t forget: you have a 6 month, 100% money back guarantee

Dirt Rich Book

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