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Jim L.

Cole Sundem

This is a business opportunity worth pursuing further

Philip Ma

Erik Peterson

I’ve enjoyed the bootcamp and the people. It has been motivating and informative. I particularly liked the more detailed how-to type sessions that really got into the details of the systems and processes. Meeting all these people with similar interests in passive income and buying and selling land has also been great. While being a relatively small group, the quality of the planning and professionalism is more consistent with a much larger conference. You guys did a GREAT job!”

John Becker

Mark, I’m sitting here in Rio de Janeiro on a hot and humid early Saturday afternoon still enjoying some of that famous Brazilian coffee and watching your Investors Toolkit videos. I had to drop you a line and say that the content so far has really improved from the first time I watched them. Ditto for your Pricing Strategies videos. That restaurant pricing analogy you discuss led me to develop a whole new approach that I am just putting the finishing touches on. I was able to close on the seller financed sale by finding an investor for the down payment who also splits the monthly payments with me. I also was able to lease the land to a local farmer for grazing his cattle making my monthly payment only $155 to control a $200,000 parcel of beautiful land surrounded by wineries.

Thanks to Mark, in my first 12 months I was able to buy 68 properties

Scott Todd

JJ. Johnson

Hey Mark!I just wanted to give you an update on my progress with your course. I have been trying to get in the land business for years but struggled with creating a strategy and system that worked. I used to go knock on landowners doors and ask them if they would like to sell their property. I ordered your toolkit in Feb and have already closed on 3 parcels and have a 4th under contract in the thriving Charlotte NC and Charleston SC area! All 4 have huge upside potential.

Unlike other programs, the Land Geek is there to really help.  They really care about you and your success.

Dr. Joe & Ana Philip

I was hesitant to get involved, but after giving it a go, boy am I glad I did.  It delivered more than expected.   I sold my first property for a 750% ROI.

Howard Zonder

My first property I paid $1000 and within a week sold it for $5200.

Margie Kaiser

I bought and sold 40 acres for a cash profit of $12000. I only owned the property for 30 days!

Billy Kwok

The investors toolkit is a great resource.  It does work!  I paid $240 for a parcel and sold for $2400.

Joe A

It really does work.  I can’t recommend the investors toolkit high enough.  Follow the steps and you really can’t lose.

Jarred F.

I optioned my first deal and within a week I sold my property and I made over $1000 with no money out of my own pocket

Brandon Price

I bought for $900 and sold for $4500 to one of the neighbors

John Pitkin

I bought for $2000 and sold for $4275 just swapping paper and applying what I learned in the course.

Trevor Hartsock

I purchased for $6500 and sold it for $12000.  Thanks for all you do!

Ryan Pettitt

I found Mark on YouTube and that’s when I made my decision to get the toolkit.  I bought my first parcel for $450 and sold for $3600.  This is life changing.

Heath Cejka

The investors toolkit taught me the basics.  It proved to me the system actually works.

Ivan Barriga

I sold my property for $1000 and sold it for $20,000!  Thanks for the program and all the help.

Chris Egner

This is truly changing our lives and believe it will change your life too.

Scott & Erin Bossman

It starts off as gas money, then grocery money, then vacation money and then mortgage money.

Chris Pritchard

I have made over $31000 with a 353% on my investment.  I can’t say enough good things about Mark and his crew.

Tom Willis

I sold my first 5 properties at an average of 1600% return.

Chris Clark

I made a 300% Return on my money.

Adrienne Mosely

We are so excited about our first deal.  We want to encourage anyone thinking of doing this to give it a try.

John & Becky Burnett

I bought for $500 and sold for $1500.  Its a great product.

Gary Horton

I bought 12 lots for $12000 and sold my property in 2 weeks and made over $48,000 profit!

Dr. Victor Law

Mark is not your typical guru. He’s actually working in the business and is there to answer any questions.

Phil Turturici

I’m a serial entrepreneur and so I know a good thing when I see it.

Irv Segal

I bought for $1500 and sold for $4500 on my first deal.  I would strongly suggest the Investors Toolkit.

Kyler Dawson

Thank you Mark Podolsky.  He has increased my business from a couple thousand dollars a year to $40k or $50k this year.

Jeff Akstin

It’s unbelievable the returns.  I’m averaging well over a 1000% on my note sales.

Bob Anderson

I have successfully bought and sold 2 properties for a net profit of $20k.

Jonathan Kennedy

I highly encourage everyone to get the program follow the steps and you will succeed.

Vilson Nikollaj

As a busy professional its hard to find time to learn real estate investing, but the coaching has really accelerated my growth.

Dr. Adrian Medina

I highly recommend the Investor’s Toolkit.

Jason Jones

The Land Geek Bootcamp was fantastic and I learned so much.

David Holmes

Alex T.

“The Land Geek Mastermind Community really helped me jump start my success in this business. The toolkit is amazing and has everything you need to know to get this right. Having this and people in the mastermind community as a resource is absolutely indispensable.”

J. Johnson

“Hey Mark!I just wanted to give you an update on my progress with your course. I have been trying to get in the land business for years but struggled with creating a strategy and system that worked. I used to go knock on landowners doors and ask them if they would like to sell their property. I ordered your toolkit in Feb and have already closed on 3 parcels and have a 4th under contract in the thriving Charlotte NC and Charleston SC area! All 4 have huge upside potential.”


Kyle Knab

Super excited today! So that property that I bragged about at bootcamp in Utah that I bought for $600 and sold on terms of $10,000, well I had to foreclose on it. I received $3,500 so far in payments on it, AND today I just sold it for $5,750 CASH!! Not sure how to calculate that ROI, but it’s good. I was able to re sell it in only a week by sending out an email blast to my buyers list.

Jen Kelly

Hi Tate, We tallied up some February stats and were pretty excited and wanted to share them with you: Sold 7 lots (4 sales), 3695 invested, 2328 down payments, 596 doc fees, 17,111 enterprise value, 527 NEW passive income. When do you want us to get on your calendar for our next coaching call?


Travis Wood

Best part of Flight School for me has been a tie: the community and the process have both been great. It’s been really nice to see others going down the same road so that we can learn from each other, and also take comfort that I’m not the only one that felt lost at times. The actual course has been great at taking an overwhelming amount of information, and getting it into bite size chunks.

Mike Ferreira

I’ve been to two bootcamps and both were excellent. The last one was a few months ago in Orlando. Even after doing hundreds of deals and being full time in this business since 2015, I STILL picked up some great nuggets that have helped me improve my business. There is ALWAYS something new to learn in the business and Mark and the crew are on top of it! In addition, there is no better opportunity to network and meet tons of like minded people. Everyone I met there was awesome and I wish they all lived closer to me so we could hang out. I stay in touch with several of them. The more important question would be… why WOULDN’T you attend the next bootcamp? It’s FREE! Not thousands of dollars like some other out there! AND… it is NOT a pitch-a-thon like other “free” workshops. Just sign up and go. If you are serious about land investing, there is no excuse not to.

I have netted $5500. I recommend the course follow it step by step

Palani Wright

Tory Burningham

I would highly recommend Mark “The Land Geek’s” training program over any other I have found. Mark is the most honest and knowledgeable mentor I have had the pleasure to work with. Having been a huge success in this very unique and profitable business for years has provided Mark the experience and expertise needed to answer any and all questions relating to seller finance, contract for deed, how to find land, how much to pay, how to sell land for cash profits and most importantly, what land you should NEVER buy to keep you from losing your money. Even if you are experienced in real estate, I know for a fact that mistakes made trying to learn this on your own would cost far more money and time than the small amount you’ll pay for Mark’s training program.

Billy Kwok

Billy Kwok here, with a quick update on a recent home run: Bought a parcel 3 years ago, that happens to be part of a HOA, for $4000 dollars (it was one of my first). Made the mistake of passing it to a realtor, and not selling it immediately (which I could have). The high value made me cautious, and curious. Set it and forgot it, as they say: I always have plenty of other things to work on. Just sold it for $47,500, which gave me a check for $41,500 cash. Not a bad return, even if I had to wait for it! Thanks again, for everything (I’m currently pulling in about $3500 in passive, not including cash sales, with an average of less than 30 mins a day in work) in large part because of your generous willingness to share your secrets. Presently trying to make space in my life for one-on-one coaching to streamline the business and take it to the next level! Me and my family owe you much! P.S I’m super happy with GeekPay.io There is NO WAY I would want to be handling all that paperwork myself. Proud to be a BETA tester.

Nick Bond

I’m just about to finish my first calendar year in the land business, and I was looking at how many properties I’d bought and sold. I didn’t quite hit my goal of 75 (dangit, really wanted to beat Scott Todd), but I did hit 50 and was definitely pleased. Now that I’m getting the intake to get setup on autopilot, I’m sure I’ll be able to beat that number come this next calendar year! So just wanted to take a minute to say thank you because I don’t think I’d even have been able to do close to that without the help of you, Mark, Scott, Erik, and Mike. So thanks and can’t wait to improve!

Chloe Bawmann

Kevin Shaper my partner and I had a really hard time coming to terms with spending money on flightschool as I have my own student loan debt to pay back. We are both highly motivated and hard working so initially wanted to just use the toolkit, but I honestly can’t recommend flight school enough. Not that we couldn’t have done it with just the toolkit, I’m confident that we could have, but working together with others in the same boat, working through the process & having someone to answer your questions is HUGE. It helped us move through the process faster than we thought possible. And are happy where we’re at now, and very hopeful for the future. It changed our life. We were able to completely pay it back in our first transaction (before flight school ended, and before 0% APY ended on our CC) hope this helps! I know it can seem like a good chunk.

David Coello

Hi everyone I just wanted to take a minute and correct a post that I replied to about the toolkit. Someone wanted to know how was the content for the tool kit and I replied, it was the best from anything I have seen out there in the last two years, but I didn’t do justice to the program or the content until after I replied. I been very busy rehabbing my LAST house flip! So I rushed through the content very quickly and mainly listen to videos and podcasts until today. The content on the tool kit is amazing it takes a person step by step on every side of the business in detail with forms, doc, links, Excel and much much more…. I’m glad I made that choice and joined this Network.

Roberto Chavez

Hey Tate, hope things are going great with you, I wanted to touch base with you because I just reached a pretty amazing landmark in my business. I closed on a deal today which put me at an enterprise value, in my terms deals, of $507,000 (that’s excluding the couple of notes that have been paid off), that is half a million!!!!!! Half a million!! Just saying it is so out of this world! I have a half a million dollar business in my hands right now…how did this happen?!?!

Abdul Kamal

My favorite part has been Scott Todd ninja moves like teaching us how to use Gis map to create list + this community. All the great people for keeping us motivated and asking great questions. Especially Johnpaul Moses asking smart questions that we all had.

Anne-Marie Crifasi

Y’all, I just closed on a parcel, and the seller broke down in tears of gratitude on the phone. Last week she found out her salary was getting cut, and the day she found out, she received my letter. “What a godsend this transaction has been for me, you have no idea your perfect timing”. She was crying, thanking me, and I couldn’t feel more humbled to have the opportunity to give this nice lady such relief. Moral of the story: you never know when today is going to be the day that someone needs your letter, or even why they need your letter, but we have the ability to change someone’s life….

​Debbie Liu

Happy Monday everyone! I just SOLD my first lot yesterday and this buyer came from Craigslist!!! He drove from CA to look at the property on Saturday, we met and signed the contract yesterday!! 400% ROI with 5 years term $99 down $99/month. It’s not much but this definitely is a great start to build my passive income!! Thank you Mark Podolsky for your encouragement and I’m definitely on the way to my Bora Bora vacation goal. Btw, this buyer works in Casion and he has friends & family who also want to buy vacant lots. Can’t wait for his referrals! Purpose of this message is to encourage everyone to kepp mailing and marketing. First deal for sure is the hardest one but just keep pushing forward and never give up!! See you all on the TOP!!!

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