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Mastermind Call & Office Hours Archive
Mastermind Call & Office Hours Archive

Each week we record group mastermind calls with our coaching students and coaches. You not only get access to all the past Mastermind Calls, but for the first time ever, we are opening up the archive to our Office Hours! These are weekly sessions reserved only for our coaching students

L.O.T.S. Season One
L.O.T.S. Season One

Season One of LOTS is here! What better way to learn the land business then by looking over Tate’s shoulder. Buckle up and let Tate show you the ropes as he runs a successful land business, Season 1 contains 9 episodes, each with a run time of about 15 minutes.

$497 now
Wholetailing Course
Wholetailing Course

Wholetailing is when you buy a property at a wholesale price, then you turn around and sell it at a retail price. In this free course, we will show you exactly how this model works so that you can double your money in 30 days or less.

Passive Income Launch Kit
Passive Income Launch Kit

Make more money selling raw land with owner financing than you can from owning rental properties. We’ve included 8 bonus lessons where you will learn about pricing strategies, best platforms, systems building, and more!

Real Estate Investing Ninjas

Real Estate Investing Ninjas

Behind these walls lay the greatest real estate investing ninjas.

Ready to train you to build your real estate empire, scale your passive income & help you create the freedom to enjoy life.

What’s included:
  • Posting Domination - value at $497
  • Accounting for Land Investors - value at $497
  • Facebook Marketplace Airtable - value at $495
  • WordPress Training - value at $199
  • Automate your business with Zapier - value at $199
  • Learn how to tame your Passwords - value at $99



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Proven Strategies For Passive Income With Low Cost Land Investing

Real estate investment is nothing new, but attaining financial freedom through property without ever having to deal with the headaches of renters, renovations, or rodents isn’t something you hear about every day. Yet with Mark Podolsky’s tried-and-true technique of raw land investment, you can become Dirt Rich without ever having to battle with a tenant, toilet, or termite.

In this step-by-step guide, Mark breaks down his “ultimate subscription model” for creating passive income through the niche of raw land investment. Featuring details on common pitfalls, tips on cultivating an investor’s mind, and advice on working smart instead of hard, this handbook will show you how to obtain a life of fiscal independence, with the flexibility to work where you want, when you want, and with whom you want.

Dirt Rich

Dirt Rich Book

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