Customer Reviews

Very Valuable

by County Land Investment - June 8, 2013

Mark is assembling and sharing knowledge that is not available anywhere else. His podcasts are not just teasers, but actionable knowledge in the rural land business space.

Informative AND Entertaining

by Brewcifer - Jul 2, 2013

This is the type of podcast for which you’ll want to be sitting down with a notebook while you listen. It’s loaded with very helpful information, tops and business insights. As an added bonus, Mark has a great sense of humor and I enjoy the banter between Mark and his most frequent guest, Jeran.


by - Jul 12, 2013

WOW! Nothing is held back and the host Mark is most gracious with his time and free flow of information. I’m learning so much so quickly. this is clearly on of the mose USEFUL podcasts I’ve run across. Keep up the great work guys!

Informative, Educational, Entertaining

by Jeepjohnny - Aug 14, 2013

Really great podcast. Be prepared to take notes because you don’t want to miss any of the great information and ideas Mark and his guests discuss.
Keep pumping these out Mark!

Tip Of The Week

by TerraTortoise - Jan4, 2014

Listen to the Land Geek while you’re packaging your mailings! It’s a great way to continue to learn while taking care of one of the more tedious parts of the business. Always a pleasure listening to Mark, Jeran and the other guests share their valuable insights. Thanks for the great content!