Here's What Land Geek Students Are Saying:

Philip Ma

San Francisco, CA

Scott Todd

Orlando, FL

Dr. Joe & Ana Philip

Brentwood, TN

Howard Zonder

Ridgefield, CT

Margie Kaiser

Spokane, WA

Billy Kwok

St. Paul, MN

Joe A

Nikiski, AK

Jarred F.

Port St. Lucie, FL

Brandon Price

Colorado Springs, CO

John Pitkin

Tucson, AZ

Trevor Hartsock

Pensacola, FL

Nathan Hoverter

Santa Barbara, CA

Ryan Pettitt

Portland, OR

Heath Cejka

West Allis, WI

Ivan Barriga

Chicago, IL

Chris Egner

Wauconda, IL

Scott & Erin Bossman

Onalaska, WI

Chris Pritchard

Pacific Grove, CA

Tom Willis

Sioux Falls, SD

Chris Clark

San Diego, CA

Adrienne Mosely

Phoenix, AZ

John & Becky Burnett

Chesapeake, VA

Gary Horton

San Diego, CA

Dr. Victor Law

Pass Christian, MS

Phil Turturici

Southport, NC

Irv Segal

Scottsdale, AZ

Kyler Dawson

Dallas, TX

Jeff Akstin

Haverhill, MA

Bob Anderson

Glendale, AZ

Jonathan Kennedy

Oakland Park, FL

Vilson Nikollaj

San Diego, CA

Dr. Adrian Medina

Scottsdale, AZ

Jason Jones

Dallas, TX

David Holmes

Washington, DC

“The Land Geek Mastermind Community really helped me jump start my success in this business.  The toolkit is amazing and has everything you need to know to get this right.  Having this and people in the mastermind community as a resource is absolutely indispensable.”

Alex T.

Washington, DC

“Hey Mark!I just wanted to give you an update on my progress with your course.  I have been trying to get in the land business for years but struggled with creating a strategy and system that worked.  I used to go knock on landowners doors and ask them if they would like to sell their property.  I ordered your toolkit in Feb and have already closed on 3 parcels and have a 4th under contract in the thriving Charlotte NC and Charleston SC area! All 4 have huge upside potential.”

J. Johnson

Charleston, SC

Palani Wright

Las Vegas, NV

“I would highly recommend Mark “The Land Geek’s” training program over any other I have found.  Mark is the most honest and knowledgeable mentor I have had the pleasure to work with.  Having been a huge success in this very unique and profitable business for years has provided Mark the experience and expertise needed to answer any and all questions relating to seller finance, contract for deed, how to find land, how much to pay, how to sell land for cash profits and most importantly, what land you should NEVER buy to keep you from losing your money.  Even if you are experienced in real estate, I know for a fact that mistakes made trying to learn this on your own would cost far more money and time than the small amount you’ll pay for Mark’s training program.”

Tory Burningham

Draper, UT

I’m sitting here in Rio de Janeiro on a hot and humid early Saturday afternoon still enjoying some of that famous Brazilian coffee and watching your Investors Toolkit videos.  I had to drop you a line and say that the content so far has really improved from the first time I watched them.  Ditto for your Pricing Strategies videos. That restaurant pricing analogy you discuss led me to develop a whole new approach that I am just putting the finishing touches on.  I was able to close on the seller financed sale by finding an investor for the down payment who also splits the monthly payments with me.  I also was able to lease the land to a local farmer for grazing his cattle making my monthly payment only $155 to control a $200,000 parcel of beautiful land surrounded by wineries.”

John Becker

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“I’ve enjoyed the bootcamp and the people. It has been motivating and informative. I particularly liked the more detailed how-to type sessions that really got into the details of the systems and processes. Meeting all these people with similar interests in passive income and buying and selling land has also been great. While being a relatively small group, the quality of the planning and professionalism is more consistent with a much larger conference. You guys did a GREAT job!”

Erik Peterson

Franklin, TN