How to create a land business that gives you $10,000 each month in passive income, without renovations, renters or rodents – and without investing more than you can afford

When you’re stuck doing work that isn’t helping you achieve your financial goals, you have very little time left over to work towards a different lifestyle. This puts a ceiling on what you earn and can leave you wondering how you’ll ever change anything.

Land is different. With just a few hours each week, a land business can give you the lifestyle change you’re searching for. It’s a system that lets you delegate a huge chunk of the work, so you can achieve the financial freedom you deserve, without working yourself into the ground.

Land is the ultimate side business – that can easily become your main source of income if you want it to. It’s totally up to you!

I’m Mark Podolsky, The Land Geek, and in this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How I went from a soul-crushing job to completing over 5000 land deals (these days working only 2 hours a week in the business) – even though I had just $3k of savings and no real estate experience when I started out.
  • Exactly how you can follow my system to make $10,000 a month in passive income within 1 year, by building a scalable, headache-free business.
  • Why land investing outperforms the stock market, for a lot less money down – some of my students start with $1000.
  • Who land investing is right for and who it’s not right for – because this is not 100% passive. You won’t be earning millions from the beach, and it’s not a “get rich quick” scheme (although you can build your income pretty rapidly).
  • Details of how my students are doing, from one who made 3100% on a deal, another who got to $10,000 passive a month in 18 months (you can hit that target in a year, but you can also take a little longer) and another who paid off a $40,000 debt and now makes $60,000 profit each year working part time from home.

This is all actionable information – no fluff. I share exactly how you can get started in land, with enough info for you to get going straight after the webinar.

Success Stories From Our Students

Chris Egner, Wauconda, IL

We got an acre of property in Florida for about $1,000 and sold it for $20,000. Returns that I never expected to be making, let alone this early in our business. We couldn’t have done this without you Mark. Thanks for the program and thanks for all of the help.

Chris Egner, Wauconda, IL

Scott & Erin Bossman, Onalaska, WI

We are at $700/month passive income in the past 4 months. Plus we made $3,500 on one cash flip. We have another potential deal that could double our passive income!

Scott & Erin Bossman, Onalaska, WI

Kyle Knab

Super excited today! So that property that I bragged about at bootcamp in Utah that I bought for $600 and sold on terms of $10,000, well I had to foreclose on it. I received $3,500 so far in payments on it, AND today I just sold it for $5,750 CASH!! Not sure how to calculate that ROI, but it’s good. I was able to re sell it in only a week by sending out an email blast to my buyers list.

Kyle Knab

Damion Lupo, CEO, Total Control Financial

Mark’s program is solid, real and candid for the self responsible real estate investor! Love the honest straight forward 10X thinking and transparent nature of Mark himself. Highly recommended! Two thumbs up!

Damion Lupo, CEO, Total Control Financial

Scott Todd Replaced His Fortune 300 Income in 17 months!
The Land Business Has Been a Cakewalk for Philip Ma!

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