Skin In The Game Guarantee

You show up in Flight School.
Do the required work
and we guarantee you will make back
your tuition investment in
either cash and or terms deals in 180 days or less.
We promise to buy back any land that
you acquire using our pricing model
so you know you’ll never be “stuck”
with property you can’t sell.

(We’ll even buy any land you’ve purchased. No kidding.)

We know beyond a shadow of a doubt you can create a successful land business with Flight School.

We’ve done the heavy lifting of creating a turnkey course, and added the hands-on support and accountability of live instruction, plus tons of value-added bonuses. It works — it’s been tested and proven year after year. And we’re not afraid of putting our money where our mouth is…

So we challenge you to make it happen.

Go through the entire Flight School. Work through the steps. Come to the calls. Ask the tough questions. Implement and show us your progress each week. If after 6 months (180 days), you haven’t made your money back from your Flight School investment, we will refund you the price of the program!

That’s not all, we’ll even buy any land you’ve purchased so you’re not “stuck”with it.

All the details are inside Flight School with instructions for submitting your weekly progress.

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