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May 26

The One Thing You Should Do When Starting Out In Business

lesliesamuels thelandgeek

In this episode of The Best Passive Income podcast, Mark’s guest is Jefferson Lilly, self-made millionaire and mobile home park investment expert, educator, and industry consultant. He holds his B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and his MBA from the Wharton School of Business. Before co-founding Park Street Partners in 2013, he spent 7 years investing his own capital, acquiring and operating his own mobile parks. Jefferson had a career in sales working with several venture-backed startups in Silicon Valley.

He has been featured in The New York Times and the Bloomberg Magazine on the Real Money television show.

Jefferson started his investing activities when he was 17 years old, buying penny stocks, and having his dad cosign the trade ticket. He bought the stocks from his friend, who happened to be the youngest stockbroker in America at that time. He spent a week’s wages on the stock, which went from one cent per share to two cents per share in a week’s time! Then, the stock traded to one-quarter cent per share. That was the best tuition money he ever spent.

Mark started investing when he was 13, buying Intel stocks, which he bought at $22 and sold at $33. What gets Mark to sleep is the fact that he made money.

Jefferson was a long-term investor and coming out of the dot com bubble, he was a long time fan of Warren Buffet, ascribing to value investing. Ten years ago, he figured he wanted to buy some real estate such as an apartment building. He thought he would fix it up, install new roofs, renovate the kitchens, and bump up the rent. He looked at, a big commercial property website and saw that mobile home parks were selling for more than apartment buildings.

Wanting to do things right, it took 17 months for Jefferson to do all sorts of research on the web, buy books and tapes, go to seminars, and build an unofficial advisory board of about ten guys. His advisory board let him know when his ideas were good and when they sucked.

For his first venture, Jefferson was working a day job and getting passive income from the mobile home park. The beauty of owning a mobile home park is that there are no midnight calls about leaky toilets or roofs because you don’t own the four walls. He initially had a parking lot with fairly stable tenants. His community consists of hardworking folks who can’t afford a house. All he worries about is the sewer and the maintenance of the lawns. Up north, however, there is the added snow shoveling in the winter.


Jefferson’s mobile home parks are not as bad as everyone would imagine them to be. There are no guns, drugs, or prostitution there. They can’t even be described as Breaking Bad Neighborhoods. Investing in a mobile home costs about $2,000 down with about $600-$800 in monthly payments. Jefferson’s company helps folks become homeowners in a single digit number of years.

The mobile home park business does have its share of problems. He has problems with about 1% of his tenants who slip through even after their backgrounds have been checked. It’s pretty rare, however, that he has to evict somebody. Filing the eviction shakes them up a bit and lets them know he’s serious.

The property managers live within the mobile home park community. They are typically homeowners, which indicated they’re responsible, stable, and tied to the community. They are given additional compensation when they help fill the land.

Jefferson has bought at least 11 properties over the last nine quarters. With the onsite managers, he has been able to successfully manage what he already has.

Mark asks Jefferson about his business model. Jefferson’s only comment is depreciation and paying taxes on the income. However, Mark countered this with a self-directed IRA. They were both in agreement that his model is good.

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Jeff: Go to, a website that goes out and prowls through both Craigslist and eBay where you can type key words and find them. Mobile home parks are not sold through brokerage. Using this site will help you find a property you might like.

Mark: Go to If this keyword pops on Craigslist, then email us. The Land Geek automates it so they don’t have to search it anymore. It comes to them. It doesn’t do eBay. That along with will help you look for properties.

Go to Jefferson Lilly’s Park Street and get 25% returns as an accredited investor.

Listen to Jefferson’s podcast called Mobile Park Investors and find it by searching on iTunes or Stitcher and join his LinkedIn group, which has 3,000 members. Find both on and

Jack Bosch The Land Geek
May 19

Making Millions on Delinquent Tax Investing with Jack Bosch

Jack Bosch The Land Geek 2016

In this episode of the Best Passive Income Model Podcast, Mark, the Land Geek, talks to Jack Bosch, a recent immigrant from Germany who came to the US in 1997 with two suitcases, student debt, and zero knowledge on buying and selling real estate. He started in the real estate investment industry and in the last three years, he has developed and perfected a system that has made him millions from 3,800 deals. He’s done deals all over the US without looking at any of those properties. Jack started sharing his knowledge with others in 2008.

Jack was an eternal college student and admitted he wanted to do the least and get the most. He came to the US to study and complete his German and American degrees. He fell in love with the country and his wife who is from Central America. They decided to stay in the US and after five years on the job, he was no longer happy. He saw thousands of people getting laid off from his company. He looked at different investment methods and business opportunities. Similar to Mark’s method, he sent 400 letters to people and got 40 responses in return. From there, he made his first deal. He bought land for $400 and sold it for $4,000.

Working with his wife has been good for Jack. Jack’s wife, Michelle, takes care of the administrative stuff of the deals while he hustles and works on getting clients. Jack is happiest in finding solutions to deals, similar to Winston Wolf of Pulp Fiction. His website is automated in such a way that he doesn’t have to actively sell land.

The big money isn’t playing in their backyard because of their perception of purchasing raw land and the number of people involved in it. In the beginning, there were only 200 in the same business. Not many people know about this business model. Considering Mark and Jack have been doing this for a combined 10 years, many people are still insisting on flipping houses. There are 3,007 counties in the United States and only a handful of those working in the industry. Working with raw land is a simplification of being in a real estate business because there are less factors to consider.

Jack Bosch The Land GeekJack has taught thousands of students who are doing well in the land investing business. But his students are now making money but are not able to build wealth. He and his wife, Michelle, have written a book that embodies their financial philosophy and teaching their readers how to go from wherever you are to complete financial freedom in three to five years if you take the right steps. Since they had already learned marketing strategies and techniques, they were able to turn their book, Forever Cash, into an Amazon #1 Bestseller.

After many years of being in the business, Jack still loves land and finds people delinquent on taxes and offers to buy properties directly from the owners. There is a niche of super highly motivated sellers with the highest equity that nobody does business with. Dealing with renters has made Jack appreciate being in the raw land business even more.

Jack is aware that if they can continue doing well, the future will bring robots. Ray Kurzweil has predicted that in 2029, we will have human level artificial intelligence. The biggest fear is to stop how we can prevent them from taking over. People will always need a place to live. That’s why he continues to buy houses. Society will become more disparate and to continue to be part of the successful group, we need to not ignore the future and not put our heads in the sand but to keep up with it and keep understanding what’s going on and what it means.

Mark thinks that people will continue to want a deal and will want to buy real estate. He also thinks that the future is bright for real estate and that technology will make it better. The technology of 3-D printing may even extend to houses. However, these houses will still have to be put on land.

Jack and Mark have the Best Passive Income Model. They are able to make mailbox money from streams of income they’ve made from deals they’ve already gotten their money back from. Every penny that comes in is pure profit.

Jack’s best deal was one of their earliest deal. They made $35,000 by means of a $50 option. There’s a property they bought for $1,875 and sold it for $86,000. These are the ones he remembers most because he went and looked at it himself, wanted to keep it but decided to sell it, making quite a bit of money on that deal.

Mark sees that Jack’s success comes from having a natural advantage from being an immigrant and coming into the country with a wide perspective and not burdened by US culture’s idea of success and not burdened by his parents’ idea of success. He was able to have a clean slate from Germany and start brand new. He was able to redefine himself here. Coming as an adult from another country was useful because he can tell how everything’s different in the US. At 27, he could tell that setting up an LLC was easier in Europe. He also saw people letting go of properties in the US, which was unheard of in Europe. In the US, he was able to see opportunity in every corner. He also says you can make a business that by design can make you more money. Raw land investing allows him to do just that.

Tip of the Week

Jack: For house investors, go to the, they pooled power for multiple buyers and they get discounts from outlets such as Office Depot. You might be able to join for free.

Mark: Go to and if you’re interested in tax delinquent investing, if you’re interested in going even deeper and going into land investing, Jack Bosch has a one stop shop for it for a few bucks for month. You can get mini courses and test-drive everything. He has 10 modules on house flipping and a 16- module tax lien course. Get forever cash!

Another site that Mark suggests is to go to, a tool to take your marketing to the next level. It’s free right now.

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Heath Binder The Land Geek
May 12

Raising Funds And Crowd Funding Basics With Heath Binder

In today’s episode, Mark talks to Heath Binder, head of investor relations for In just two years, he has helped raise over $180,000,000 and he has given his investors a good return.

Heath talks about his transition from real estate to private wealth management, and finally to real estate crowd funding. After finding himself in an industry that he saw was on the decline, Heath decided to join a company that was growing. Two years ago, the CEO of approached him and asked him to join the team. As part of the team, he walks investors through a myriad of different opportunities, getting them comfortable with the idea of making real estate transactions online.

Part of his job involves working with accredited investors. RealtyMogul has certain qualifications that need to be met. His company offers their investors an opportunity to work with real estate. He likens it to being a curator. He says that his company plugs their industry expertise, their collective years of knowledge into underwriting and evaluating the opportunities they curate for investors. They help people get access to transactions that their investors probably wouldn’t be able to find through crowd funding.

One of the benefits of an online platform like RealtyMogul’s is that an investor can come to them, spread the money around several different offerings, while also spreading them by property types, different real estate companies, and location. Their investors can create their own portfolio of real estate offerings around the country, similar to a “choose your own adventure” type of thing.

When asked how difficult it was for him to raise his first $100,000,000, Heath says that he didn’t think in terms of sales. In terms of his day-to-day activities, he just kept doing what they do and getting bigger each time they did it, just like having a child growing up.

Heath Binder 655x249 (2)Heath’s advice to an entrepreneur or land investor who is interested in capital raising is to have a real sense of transparency. You really need to establish trust with people who are going to give you the capital. It’s really important to manage your relationships. Second, Heath suggests that you need to communicate consistently and clearly. He also talks about being responsive. Making sure you have data points for them that they’re asking for and have answers to the question, “Is my money at risk?”

The clients who usually have better performance are those who come in, have all their information, are ready for questions, and don’t leave anything to chance. Heath talks about tests they put people through such as criminal and background checks that are performed when doing traditional due diligence.

Mark asked about clients who are high maintenance and high dollar and compared it to making love to an 800 pound gorilla. However, Heath mentions that in crowd funding, the gorilla may only be 50 pounds, not 800 because the investment may be only a fraction of the deal. However, Heath has a different take on clients like that. He says that investors who pepper them with due diligence questions make them better. He actually uses the questions to train his junior guys.

When asked what he enjoyed at work, Heath mentions that the success of his team is also his. When someone secures a large investment or has some other success, it makes his day. Raising capital has its challenges and to be able to surpass that is a feat in itself. He says that wins such as when his guys close a big deal or when they, as a team, close out a deal, that’s what makes it worthwhile for him.

RealtyMogul only works with cash flowing assets. Different reasons why somebody would use a crowd funding platform are access to investors they would never would have been able to access otherwise. A good match with them would be if you have a value-added multifamily opportunity in a secondary market with a good sponsor that specializes in this opportunity. Additionally, if there’s a good story to it, lots of sales points, they could be a good fit with them.

Heath played it safe when asked if Mark had the Best Passive Income Model. However, he said it sounded interesting and although it’s not something he knows a ton about, he’d be interested in looking at it.

Tip of the Week: 

Heath: I recommend Happiest Baby on the Block by a doctor named Harvey Karp. I also recommend checking out for the latest news on the elections. Finally, go check out

Mark: I recommend learning more about RealtyMogul. It’s not a bad place to park your money with ROI averaging at about 9%.

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May 05

Building a Successful Blog with Leslie Samuel

lesliesamuels thelandgeek

In today’s episode, Mark Podolsky, the Land Geek, talks to Leslie Samuel, former university professor and creator of and interactive biology blogs. His passion for education has led him on a mission to change the world one blog at a time. With a simple message of creating content, inspiring others, he is changing the world while building a solid online business.

When he started to do research for his biology blogs, he saw that the other biology blogs were boring and made him yawn. He remembers getting his start with 400 people until he was able to build his community to 15,000 to 20,000 people a month. In the last month alone, he was able to get 95,000 to that blog and he hasn’t even touched his blog for years! His blog gave him the chance to teach what he wanted to teach and it eventually landed him a job as a professor.

To build his blog, he says he used a combination of a number of different things. He put his videos on YouTube, the number two search engine in the world and leveraged that platform. He also said he was specific with the way he came up with titles for his videos. He says when people need information, they search and once they find content, if it’s good content, they’ll subscribe and start looking for other videos. Eventually, YouTube is going to see that and start recommending your videos as you’re searching. He also did “Strategic Outreach” where he approached other sites and bloggers in the same niche and formed alliances with them. This created a ripple effect for him. Essentially, blogging is about creating good content, putting it out there, making sure it’s written from a unique angle, and getting the right people exposed to it.

When asked what good content was, Leslie says it depends on your target audience and having an understanding of who you want to reach. It is content that helps a specific person accomplish a specific goal or overcome a specific struggle but does it in a way that resonates with that person.

When identifying your target audience, Leslie suggests that you have to know exactly who you are trying to reach. The narrower that niche is, the better and it is because if you know exactly who your audience is down to a tee and you create content that’s just for them, when the person finds you, they will know that the content you are creating is just for them. Make a list of questions that your target audience may have and start answering those questions by creating your blog post, which may consist of content, videos, or podcasts. Help your target audience accomplish their goals. Knowing and understanding the language they speak is also important.

Leslie also makes sure he has written content. He even has someone transcribe his video so that he could have written content that Google will send a ton of traffic for because it’s indexing the written content. Choosing the medium that resonates with your audience is important.

Leslie Samuel 655x249(2)Monetizing your blog can take the form of affiliate marketing. This entails signing up with a company that has a product or service for sale, featuring the product or service on your website, and getting commissions from those sales. Then eventually, you can start creating your own products such as a course or an ebook.

Getting a person’s email address is difficult but Leslie says that once you have their email address, you can start nurturing that relationship with them. In that relationship, once people get to know you, trust you, and see you as an authority in whatever niche you’re in, they’re more likely to buy from you. Building an email list is one of the most important things to do when building an online business.

Email marketing is not dead, according to Leslie. He still thinks it’s one of the most effective way to drive sales. He says it’s more effective than social media and just about any other that we see out there. This, combined with webinars, are Leslie’s way of promoting his blog. Webinars with a good email follow-up sequence make sales go through the roof.

On getting exposure and traffic, being in all the social media networks may not be the solution. He suggests that you pick one and master it. Choosing one social media network and focusing on it is effective and that is how you can make an impact in the noisy world we live in.

When asked if Mark had the Best Passive Income Model, Leslie said it was the Best Passive Income Model for Mark.


Leslie: Read No Excuses by Brian Tracy. It doesn’t just go through the psychology and all that stuff but it also gives you actionable steps you can take. For me, the book was a game changer.

Mark: Learn more about Leslie and go to where he’s creating a ton of value.

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