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Nov 20

The Land Geek Podcast 80- Joe Fairless Best Podcast EVER!

 In this weeks land geek podcast, Joe Fairless from
and The Best Real Estate Investing Podcast Ever is my
guest on the podcast!


Joe is an impressive young guy whom went from single family home investing into commercial real estate investing.


Joe discusses how he made the transition from working at a NYC advertising agency to becoming a full time real estate investor…


Joe had no money and discusses how he leveraged his skill set to raise over $1mm. He gives some amazing marketing tips as well!
If you miss this podcast you will won’t sleep well for weeks!


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Tips of the Week:
“Model after those whom have successfully done what you want to do.” Be a student of the competition and their business model..






Nov 18

The Secret To Being 10% Happier

In this episode I discuss the importance being mindful and happy in business to become 10% happier.

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Nov 15

Tony Robbins makes you feel great. Then what?

In this episode I discuss the importance of combining motivation with real world money making tactics. Guess which one I prefer? Tony Robbins is great, but motivation only gets you so far…

Nov 04

The power of noticing

In this episode I discuss the importance of noticing. The key is to not be so focused you miss leadership opportunities!

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