Mark chats with Sharon Vornholt of The Louisville Real Estate Gals Blog  In this episode I chat with Sharon Vornholt founder of The Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog and host of Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing Podcast.  Mark and Sharon share a virtual cup of coffee while they discuss the main reasons investors fail.

Sharon shares her insight into the reasons investors fail.  According to Sharon, marketing is the key.  It’s important to maintain multitple marketing strategies AND make marketing a priority.  According to Sharon, investors should schedule marketing time into their week.  She suggests 4-6 hours at a minimum.  Marketing is, after all, the main resource for lead generation and – as Sharon says – if you don’t have leads, you don’t have a business.

Learn more about Sharon by visiting her website The Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog and subscribing to her podcast Let’s Talk Real Estate Investing Podcast.

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Mark chats with Karl Krentzel aka John Ashley of The Red Pill Investor Podcast

In this episode, Mark chats with real estate and sales guru Karl Krentzel (aka John Ashley).  Karl is the host of the hugely popular podcast The Red Pill Investor Podcast and founder of the incredible resourse  Karl’s real estate expertise spans nearly 20 years as a full time investor and realtor.

Listen in as Karl and Mark chat about no-nonsense sales advice that can truly transform your business.  Karl is all about results and he shares some valuable tips and insights to help you get them. His Red Pill Investor Podcast (which is hosted by his alter ego, John Ashley) is about sales skills.  His motto? No matter what you’re selling, you need to know what to say in every sales situation you encounter.  The Red Pill is all about a mindshift to help you overcome objections.

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Tip of The Week from Karl:

  • If you generate, you won’t have to tolerate.

Tips of the Week from Mark:

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Coffee Talk with Antonio “Hitman” Edwards

focus-antonio-edwards-coffee-talk  In this episode I chat with Antonio Edwards, founder of The Real Estate Rich and Famous.  Antonio is a real estate rockstar.  Achieving this level of success requires serious focus.

During our chat, Antonio shares his morning routine that gets him focused on the tasks of the day.  If you want to learn better focus, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Learn more about Antonio by visiting his website, The Real Estate Rich and Famous, subsribing to The Real Estate Rich and Famous Podcast, and take advantage of this awesome offer for a free book from Antonio by going here: Free Book.

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Mark Chats with Real Estate Rockstar Antonio “Hitman” Edwards

In this episode, Mark chats with real estate rockstar Antonio “Hitman” Edwards from The Real Estate Rich and Famous.  Antonio has closed over 300 transactions, has a best-selling book on Amazon (“Life of Real Estate Investing”), a top podcast on iTunes (The Real Estate Rich and Famous), is about to launch his new book “Be You, Be Great”, and truly is a real estate rockstar.  He shares how he went from barely making ends meet as a truck driver to taking the plunge into entrepreneurship after getting his hands on a copy of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

He shares with Mark how he made all this happen.  Antonio is all about taking massive action.  When he decided to go after his dreams, he went after it full force.  He quit is full time job as a truck driver at 23, pursued his passion for music, failed, and regrouped by finding a mentor in the real estate biz.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Learn more about how Antonio became a rockstar and how you can too!

Thank you for listening to The Best Passive Income Model podcast.  Your support helps me attract great guests who share knowledge that you can use to grow your business.

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Tip of The Week from Antonio:

  • Focus, focus, focus.  Too many people are sidetracked today.  The key to success is to focus your efforts on the task at hand.  Put your phone on silent.  Close those extra tabs on your computer.  Focus your way to success.

Tips of the Week from Mark:

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Mark: Hey, it’s Mark Podolsky, the Land Geek, with your favorite nichey real estate website, And today, it’s not every day I rope in a true real estate rockstar, Antonio Edwards from Look, I want to put on my anchorman voice here. You’re the big deal. He has closed over 300 transactions. He has got a bestselling book on Amazon called Life of Real Estate Investing. He has got a top podcast on iTunes called the Real Estate Rich and Famous. He is going to be on Fox News and CNBC discussing his latest book, Be You, Be Great. Antonio Edwards, the rockstar or real estate investing – no, not the rockstar, I’m sorry. He’s a rockstar but the Hitman. Antonio “Hitman” Edwards, how are you?

Antonio: I’m great, Mark, man. I’m happy to be on your podcast, man. You have some great power players on your podcast and I’m honored to be one of the guests of your podcasts today so I definitely appreciate it.

Mark: Yeah, no problem. No problem. It’s my pleasure. So, you’ve got a great story because just reading your bio real quickly that you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Let’s talk about that. How does Antonio Edwards become a real estate rockstar? What happened?

Antonio: I mean to be honest with you man, I mean taking a massive action and I know that’s a broad – I mean I know everybody says take massive action, take massive action. And just to make that understandable to a person that’s still working 9 to 5, who never quit their job because I got myself an issue when I was working a job, actually driving truck to be specific. I started off at $6.56 an hour. If an entrepreneur would have come to me and I had a 9 to 5 mindset back then, if they told me, “Just take massive action” I wouldn’t know what that means, because taking a massive action could mean slaving your way at a 9 to 5 every day to an average individual every day.

So when I say take massive action, I mean find your purpose, find what you love to do and that can be in a broad spectrum of things. You know Mark, I come across people who all the time, sign off my coaching and if they do make it past application and they signed up to coaching and the met the criteria to be in the coaching program and I’ve talked to them, you’d be surprised, Mark, some of these people really just want to get into the real estate investing niche only because they see people flashing checks and they think, “Oh, I can make a quick $10,000, $15,000.” But it’s not what they love to do.

Mark: Right.

Antonio: And that is an issue to me because if you don’t love what you do then it’s not going to pan out in the long run. So when I say take massive action, I am specifically talking about finding what you love to do. It could be – you might love – a woman might be listening to this podcast loves cooking, maybe find – go into the cooking niche and take massive action with what you love to do. Somebody else can love playing the guitar or something. Take action in that niche.

Mark: Right. Antonio, you love – you like music. You want to do like your own music production. So what was the catalyst that got you into real estate investing?

Antonio: Man, that’s a great question. I’ve done music for a decade. I’ve done some major placements, worked with major artists. I still get royalties through the grace of God today. Not much but still checks come in. What got me into the real estate investing niche or real estate in general as a broad is when I was 22 years old, Mark, my mom and this was before I read books. I hated books. I mean I just hated books. I hated – I never read books back then. And my mom gave me this Rich Dad, Poor Dad book and I’m sure that’s probably the number one bestselling book of all time in business probably or real estate probably.

She gave me the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki and she was like, “Here son, I think you should just read this book.” And I was like, “Did you read it? How was it?” She said, “I didn’t read it. Somebody gave it to me and I thought maybe you want to read it.” I was like, “Oh, OK.”

And I had second thoughts about not reading it but at the time again, I was driving trucks and it was me and a partner driving like one week he would drive and another week I would drive and one person being on the passenger seat. So those weeks I didn’t drive, I would read this book. I would read that book while he was driving during the weekend and I didn’t know how intrigued I will be, engaged I will be in the book and I read the whole book in like, maybe like three weeks. For a person who doesn’t read books, that’s a great time to finish a book.

Mark: That’s like speed reading.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah. So man, and that opened up the door for me that real estate – I was like, man, real estate that just sounded great to me. I mean it sounds like something I really wanted to do. This is really what I wanted to do.

So when I was 22, it gave me the idea. I was like, “Man, I can go out there and be an entrepreneur and be my own boss.”

Mark: Right.

Antonio: So it took me – I had a – Mark, I had a year of fear of quitting my job. So a year later, 23 years old, and this whole time I’ve been wrestling with this quitting my job for a whole year. I mean that book gave me the power to quit my job. At 23, I finally quit my job and be an entrepreneur and that’s when I pursued music and that all crushed it. I had no blueprint, no plan.

In the book, when it talks about plan, it talks about more so of you had a rich dad, you had a poor dad and to be an entrepreneur, to be your own boss. And I’m glad I did fail at that early age and I failed because it made me more stronger, it made me understand what it was like to be on rock bottom. And what I did, I took on a mentor. I found a mentor that helped me do my first deal.

Mark: How did you find him or her?

Antonio: Yeah, that’s a good question. Yeah. I was outside of my house and this truck was just slowly in the neighborhood driving and he had, “we buy houses” on his truck. And I flagged him down. I was like, “Hey, hey, hey! Blah, blah, blah.” And he stopped. He heard me. He reversed the car and he was like, “Hey, how are you doing?” I said, “Hey, I see you buy houses. I want to know how that works.” And he gave me this card. He was like, “Do you have any houses?” I was like, “No, but I want to learn how the house business works.” And he gave me his card and he said, “Hey, my name is Chris Haskins. I’m looking to buy some houses right now. I buy them all cash. I close quick.” And I was like, “Wow!” I was like in my head, “Man, he has a lot of money.”

Mark: Right.

Antonio: So what I did, I had that card. I called him. And his actual number was on that card and I called him. I was like, “Hey, I want to meet up with you and pick your brain on real estate because I really, really want to learn this business.” And he was really down to earth and he was like, “OK. Let’s meet at Starbucks tomorrow at this time.” We met there. I come to find out within a 5-minute conversation at Starbucks, he wasn’t in the real estate business. I mean he was in the music business.

Mark: No kidding! OK.

Antonio: Yeah. He had done some major stuff for, I don’t know if you know, 50 Cent.

Mark: Sure.

Antonio: He had done the 50 Cent’s first single, which was huge.

Mark: Right, right.

Antonio: I mean that was a huge single. So he got a big publishing deal, big check from that. And he used that check and implemented it in the real estate.

Mark: Right.

Antonio: So from there, we were like best friends. People listening to this podcast, people like musicians, real estate, it could be I mean all types of culture of people but once you get like in some way, music to music, it connects people.

Mark: Yeah, I agree. I mean I think it’s nice that you have that connection and it kind of deepens that mentor-mentee relationship when it’s not just all about money and deals. You have something more in common and it deepens that. I think it just makes that relationship stronger.

Antonio: Yes, yes. So we sat there probably for about hours. And one thing I’ll never forget he told me, he was like, “Antonio, you remind me of myself when I was starting out.” He said, “I’m going to tell you, I know how the music business is.” He said, “You’re not going to be able to do both at one time starting out.”

Mark: Really?

Antonio: And by a person who has been doing music for years, that’s one of the hardest decisions, probably neck to neck with quitting my job. It was one of the hardest decisions to make, to stop with music and try something new with real estate.

Mark: So you took that advice and you said, “OK, I’m going to focus solely on real estate. I’m going to shelve music for now.”

Antonio: I didn’t completely stop then. I was trying to juggle both because I hope – again, I was doing well in music. I was getting major placements and stuff was really – the ball was really starting to roll for me. It was kind of like that ball was just about to roll downhill in the music side. And I don’t know. It was just my instinct to totally go towards real estate and it was just tough. I couldn’t do both because I was trying to learn the business. And if you are in music, you have to be, as a producer, you have to be in studio for hours working with artist. It was hard to be in both.

And I remember that one lead came. It came from banner designs. I mean I ordered a few banner designs, hundred banner designs in the 100 states and I put those out. I put those out in one night, on a late night. It took maybe like 2:00, 3:00 in the morning or something. And I remember that one lead came in that changed my life, Mark, that one little gnawing motivated lead.

Mark: All right. Tell me about it.

Antonio: Yes. So the lead caught and of course, I don’t know if it was a good lead or a bad lead at the time.

Mark: Right.

Antonio: I called my mentor and I was like, “Hey,” I would love to send him all the leads I have that’s coming in by the way but I called him and I said, “Hey, I got this lead come in.” And he was like, “So tell me about it. What are the numbers?” And I was like, “Well, OK.” I’ve got the street number but I know the street was Potter Street. So I said, “It was on Potter Street in the city called Chesapeake. They’re asking …” I think they were asking about 60,000 give and take, $60,000 and he already knew the street. He was like, “Oh!” I was like, “Yeah, I love it there.”

Mark: OK.

Antonio: I was like, “OK, cool.” He was like, “Well, set up a schedule.”

Mark: That helps with due diligence when your mentor already knows the street.

Antonio: Yeah.

Mark: That’s great.

Antonio: And the number I was like wow! He said, “Hurry up and set an appointment.” So we set an appointment, go out there and next thing you know I’m looking at this house with the roof caving in and I’m like, “What the heck is this?” As a newbie, you’re fresh in the game and you don’t know. And I’m like, in my mind I’m like, “Who would buy this?”

Mark: Right.

Antonio: I’m just all ears back then, Mark. And I’m watching him talk to a seller and I mean he’s really engaging with the seller at the time. I don’t know he was building rapport but he was just basically building a relationship with the seller, asking certain questions and it was the reason why he was asking certain questions at a certain time. He was very specific.

And I remember, he brought some blank contracts out there for the seller to sign and again, that seller was asking $60,000. We’re sitting in the backyard on some crates. And let alone, this house had four heirs in the property that were like crack-ass. They were brothers. The actual administrator was with the main seller. He was the sober one or the balanced one out of the five. The four were living in the house, no power in the house, no water. They had crap in the – the house was – it was nasty.

Mark: How much money did this house need to get fixed up?

Antonio: It needed $30,000.

Mark: $30,000!

Antonio: $30,000, $35,000, yeah.

Mark: OK. And then at this time, like where are you going to get that money?

Antonio: Well, we just want to wholesale.

Mark: OK.

Antonio: We just want to wholesale. That was my first deal. So he got it from $60,000. I watched him negotiate right in front of me. So $60,000 to $48,000 on the contract, so we got it for $48,000. The minute that we left, we got in his truck because we were going in his truck there together, he called his guy on the speaker phone. He was like, “Hey Jerry, I got this property, $60,500, he’s yours.” I’m just thinking, “Well, that’s $12,500 spread.”

Mark: Right.

Antonio: I mean where I come from, I mean making two grand cash is like phenomenal. So I was like man, $12,500. This guy drove – he didn’t have to go inside. He just drove past, Mark. That’s not good – the neighborhood was hot, Mark. It’s a hot area. He drove past the neighborhood and I remember that same – no, that next day, he called and said, “I’ll take it at $60,500.” I was like, “What?!” And when Chris called me he said, “Congratulations man! Like I wanted to, this has got to be your first deal going down.” I was like, “What?!” I was like, man, this sounds like something that I really want to – I had to stop this music business.

Mark: Right. So is your thing now – are you fix and flipper? Are you a wholesaler? Like what’s your niche today?

Antonio: I do wholesales. I do rehabs. I do new construction. I pretty much do it all, man. I mean the presidential field thing. I wanted to get into commercial. I’m looking for apartment building as we speak so if anybody has an apartment building with 50 units, hey, send me an email [email protected] I’ll look at it.

Mark: So you’re opportunistic than right now. But when you started, you started out wholesaling.

Antonio: Oh yeah, absolutely. My first year, I did over 26 deals wholesale. Actually, my second deal with my mentor was a rehab and that was – the reason I went into that was because I was just so ahead of myself. I just wanted to learn this stuff so quick because at first, when he gave me so much confidence and it’s funny because he offered me – my mentor offered me a $5,000 – he offered to give me $5,000 wholesale fee for my second deal. And I was like no. I said, “I want to get into the rehab with you. Blah, blah, blah.” And he said, ‘Well, do you got any money? Do you have any capital bill crap?” I was like, “No, I don’t.” He said, “So you want to get into the rehab and you want me to fund you, the whole deal. You want to learn the whole process.” He was like, “You’re asking a lot.”

But I went into the rehab with him and he funded the deal and it was a cool learning experience but I made less than what I did if I would have took the $5,000 on a wholesale fee.

Mark: No kidding! OK.

Antonio: But again, I learned a ton.

Mark: You learned. So that education is probably priceless.

Antonio: It’s priceless.

Mark: Yeah.

Antonio: So other than that, I did 27, 26 deals in my first year and that one deal was the rehab.

Mark: So that first year, you went from making what, maybe $25,000 $30,000 a year to over a $100,000 a year?

Antonio: I was making a little under $20,000 a year with the truck driving job.

Mark: Wow! So let me ask you this. That’s a big jump to make. It’s a big jump, right?

Antonio: Right.

Mark: When someone makes five times their normal income, let me ask, how did that change things? How did that change things for you mentally? How did that change things with you just with your friends? Because probably the people you are hanging out with, now you’re not Antonio their buddy anymore, you’re the rich Antonio. We know who is buying tonight. So there’s a whole other aspect of – there’s fear of failure but even then, now you’ve got another problem on your hand which is, “How do I handle the success?” So let me ask you. How did you do that? How did you transition?

Antonio: That’s another phenomenal question, Mark. One huge key component, if anybody take anything out of this podcast, is circle of influence. I had to – because I come from a music background. It’s a different peer group, OK?

Mark: Right.

Antonio: And I know being in the studios and I know that lifestyle of the music business is night and day from real estate. You have to be in the clubs. You have to be clubs for networking purposes. You have to be up all night in the studio working with artists. Real estate, that’s unbalanced in the real estate field.

Mark: Right.

Antonio: Mark, I had to change my whole circle of influence and I had done that – I mean it seemed like after my first wholesale deal, that first deal, I stopped who I was hanging with and I changed my peer group.

Mark: Now, how difficult is that?

Antonio: It was hard. When I said I’ve stopped, I didn’t completely stop talking to these people but I’ve distanced myself because it was a different focus. I started – if you haven’t done any deals, you only done a few deals, listen to this, going to real meetings is important. So I built my circle of influence starting out going to real meetings and meeting different investors because I wanted other like-minded people to be in my circle.

Mark: Right. You know what’s interesting about that is you know that cliché, you are the average of the five people you hang out with the most.

Antonio: Yes, you are.

Mark: Do you agree with that?

Antonio: I totally agree with that, Mark. I mean that’s totally true. Yeah. And you probably can – I know they said don’t judge a person, but you probably can judge a person by the five people they’re hanging with as well. I mean in a nutshell.

Mark: Yeah, yeah. You could definitely – I mean you could definitely make a quick judgment on people just by who they are hanging out with.

Antonio: Absolutely.

Mark: Yeah.

Antonio: Absolutely.

Mark: So that’s interesting. That’s really interesting. OK. So that’s a hard thing to do. I don’t know if you had any peer pressure with your friends saying, “Hey look, we don’t like this. We want old Antonio back. We don’t want new Antonio.” Did you have any of that? I mean were there any crucial conversations with some of your friends like, “Hey look, this is new me and you’re either going to accept me and maybe come along for the ride and start learning some real estate deals or we’re just going to grow apart.” I mean I hate to say it.

Antonio: That’s what I did, Mark. And I’m not telling anybody to do this. This is my personal preference.

Mark: Right.

Antonio: I changed my phone number. I changed my Facebook profile because I had a music Facebook personal profile and music fan page. I did a whole new page where people probably see me now, the Antonio Edwards one. I changed my email. I did all of that. And the house that I was in, I went from that to not – this was before the – just right before I closed that first deal actually.

Mark: Right.

Antonio: I went from the house I was living in to just living in the car to living homeless for a little bit and I went back home to mom and dad. And I have just changed my whole lifestyle, my whole – I had a whole paradigm shift of how I looked at the world.

Mark: Wow! I bet your parents were proud.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah. I started over. This is running fast forward, I was about 25 years old. So I started a whole new world for myself and once I closed that deal, it was all in my donkey phone, man. It was on it. And six years later, I’ve been in real estate business for six years. It changed my life. I mean a 4-hour workweek lifestyle. I’m a big outsourcer. I outsource everything, Mark.

Mark: Yeah. But look, that’s how you grow. I mean you’re one person. You’ve got to scale. Yeah, absolutely. What are some of your favorite ways of outsourcing? I mean do you have – I mean I do lands so I have a lot of virtual assistants.

Antonio: Yes.

Mark: Is that kind of similar with your niches or do you have a team, a physical team, general contractor and all that good stuff?

Antonio: Yeah. I mean I have virtual assistants. I have one development team that does my websites. I have people who write my emails as far as my funnels and my products. As far as outsourcing people that’s going – again, I live in Florida. My market – I flip houses. I do rehabs and I do construction in Virginia. So people might ask, “How the heck are you doing that when you’re in a whole another state?” I’d rather have – one percent of my efforts in something and put a hundred people in – I’d rather have a hundred people – what’s that saying? I’d have a hundred people’s efforts in something to get where my profits and leverage my time.

Mark: Exactly, exactly, right.

Antonio: Where I’m sending the profits, so that’s basically leveraging the hundred people’s efforts. So that’s what I do in the Virginia market is I have – just say, with rehabbing, I’ll go ahead and bring somebody. Of course, you have to bring on people to – work with people you like and trust. I bring on labor general contractor or another investor colleague friend that I have been flipping deals to or he sold properties to me. OK. I put the acquisition money up and he will manage the property for me and we split the bill 50-50. I’m totally hands off. I’m just the money guy.

The same with new construction, I put the acquisitions up. I’ll find one of my – one of the top builders in the area that’s building houses. I put the money up, “Mr. Builder, I’ll find the lot. I’ll put the money up. You manage the property. You put the construction cost together or as far repair money up and we’ll split it.” That type of way.

Mark: OK, great.

Antonio: I got like five, ten of those going on plus wholesales going on. I got an acquisition guy who handles my lease who goes and sees my properties for me, who gets the property and the contract for me. He presents the deal. All that going on, I’m hands off. I’m in another state. I can work on new ventures. I build those up. So I’m a big person like that, just giving away my profits. I don’t have a problem giving away my profits because if you give away your profits on a hundred things, that’s a hundred different things you got going on as opposed to focusing on one thing and being a one-man band in one thing. Your energy is drained out.

Mark: Yeah. I love the diversification. Absolutely. Because you got one market that’s lagging, you’ve got eight other markets that you’re working on to offset. So I love that model. So speaking of models, we’re at that point in the podcast now where I’m going to explain to you my model and ask you, do I have the best passive income model?

So Antonio, I buy raw land from a distressed seller. They owe back taxes. They live out of state. We buy it 23 cents on a dollar. We can either flip that property for 300% return on average but my favorite way and the way we make passive income is we owner-finance it. So it’s a one-time sale. We usually get out money out on the down payment and then we get recurring income on the note. So it’s a one-time sale. We get recurring income, owner-financing the note and we typically make over a thousand percent.

So now, we have income coming in without a renter, without repairs, no renovations, no rodents. And I’m in a noncompetitive niche and it’s scalable. Antonio Edwards,, bestselling author, do I have the best passive income model?

Antonio: That is a crazy model that’s untapped. That’s awesome.

Mark: But Antonio, but is it the best?

Antonio: Yeah, it’s awesome man. Most of the guys, they brag about their $300, $400, $500 cash flow on a single family property but you still got to deal with those crazy tenants and eviction. You don’t have to evict them. It’s a vacant lot.

Mark: No, no. Yeah, exactly. There’s nothing to protect. There’s nothing to maintain. It’s migraine-free real estate investing.

Antonio: Yeah. So let me ask you this Mark. Are you doing wrap note? Are you getting in owner-finance with the seller or you’re paying in cash with the seller?

Mark: No, no. I’m owner-financing on a land contract. So if they don’t make their payments, they got 30 days then really we have to foreclose. We still own the property. Then we just resell it.

Antonio: So you’re buying it from the seller owner-finance and then …

Mark: No. Well, we could do that too. But we technically buy it cash. Yeah.

Antonio: Oh, cash.

Mark: Yeah. We can do land arbitrage like that but we typically don’t.

Antonio: How do you find those? Are you just doing direct mail or you – what type…

Mark: Oh yeah. That’s what we do, use a direct mail. We send out offers.

Antonio: Nice.

Mark: Yeah. So it’s very simple. We go and get that back tax list and find out who owes taxes who lives out of state and we set them a low ball offer. We get our response back. We close. And then we quickly resell it in 30 days and we got our cash flow. I love it. It’s shuffling paper and making money, Antonio.

Antonio: Oh my God! You have to love real estate because there are countless ways to just getting a cash.

Mark: Yeah, yeah, there is. All right. Well now, we’re at the point of our podcast where I’m asking for your tip of the week, a website, a resource, a book, something actionable where our Best Passive Income Model listeners can go, improve their businesses, improve their lives. What do you got for me?

Antonio: OK. Tip of the week, tip of the decade, and it is getting worst I see, is focus.

Mark: Focus.

Antonio: Focus, focus, focus. When I say focus, I’m saying not having ten tabs up on your computer browsing while you’re trying to maybe write a contract or maybe you have a certain big tax you got talk about today. Some people may – I have my phone upside down on Saturday. Right now, I could have been having my phone up and I could see texts coming in and it would have sidetracked me from this podcast. But in case, I had it down and silent because I want to focus on this podcast.

I see – I mean I see people all the time, all the time and they will go to airport stores, people are just so sidetracked. It’s crazy. Most of us are not focused, Mark.

Mark: Look Antonio, I feel the same way sometimes. I feel like a ferret on a double cappuccino with my attention span. It’s just very hard today because I’m just like you. Like my phone right now is on do not disturb, in silent. Now, my computer is kind of a mess. If you look at my computer you’d be like, “Ah, Mark, come on now.” But that’s something I’m working on. But yeah, but typically like yeah, I have to do that otherwise I can’t control my day if all that’s happening. I keep my email close. I don’t want to hear the ding. I don’t want to see the badge. So I have on my calendar 10AM and 4, that’s when I handle my email.

Antonio: Yeah, you got – you have to – and another thing, part of being focused is you have to write down your task for the day. If you don’t write any task and you don’t know what your day – know what your day is going to be about, you’re just going to be wondering through day like lalala.

Mark: Right.

Antonio: And not know what’s going on. And that causes you to be even ten times more sidetracked because you find yourself on Facebook browsing, next thing you know, you’ve been on Facebook 30 minutes to an hour then you go, “Oh, let me go get a bag of chips.” Your day just gone by and sometimes people are not aware of this to be honest with you and maybe they thought they’ve been productive that day because they may be checked one email or something. But you have to take action. Before you take action, you got to focus and know which you’re going to do for that day, the small tasks to equal up to what the bigger picture is for that specific person.

Mark: Yeah, yeah.

Antonio: You have to know what your end vision. Don’t go with the shiny object. All these emails that people send you from certain products trying to give you upsells, don’t buy the shiny objective unless it fits what your end goal is. You have to know what you really want.

Mark: I couldn’t agree with you more. I couldn’t agree with you more. My tip of the week is going to be, go to That’s really generous of you, Antonio. Learn more about Antonio, Also, subscribe to his podcast, the Real Estate Rich and Famous. Check him out on Fox News, CNBC for his new book, Be You, Be Great.

But what’s the free book about, Antonio?

Antonio: The free book? Oh yeah! This is I mean I just feel like giving. Go to and that’s just a book that’s giving tips of how I flip my first 26 deals in my first year and how I marketed for those deals and the actions I took specifically. It talks about that in that free book. So if anybody wants to know more about that and how to get deals with some nice marketing tactics, go get that on

Mark: I’m going there right now because you said my favorite word, free.

Antonio: Oh yeah.

Mark: Yeah, that’s great.

Antonio: Gosh! It’s free. Go to the link it’s free.

Mark: That’s great. Yeah. If it’s free, it’s for me.

Antonio: All right.

Mark: That’s great. All right. Well, are we good, Antonio?

Antonio: Yeah. I mean this is awesome, awesome stuff, Mark. And I got to pick your brain and I want to invite you on my podcast to talk about those land deals and land secrets and how you get those lands and put them on a note.

Mark: Actually, everything I’ve got with your listeners, I promise, I would not hold anything back. So yeah, I’d be honored to be on your podcast. Well anyways, I want to remind everybody again, go to Don’t forget. Get the free book, /freebook. Learn more about Antonio and certainly, subscribe to his podcast. Look, give me some love. Go to and download for free the Passive Income Blueprint, get the ebook, How to Avoid the Three Fatal Land Buying Mistakes and get this podcast delivered each week to your email inbox.

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Anyway, this is Mark Podolsky, the Land Geek. Best Passive Income Model listeners, thank you so much. Antonio Edwards, the Hitman, thanks so much and we’ll see everybody next time. Thanks Antonio.

Antonio: Thanks. It was an honor. Thanks Mark.